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The city committed $38 million to turn Syracuse from the “Salt City” to the “Smart City.”

Syracuse Surge is made possible by funding from organizations that believe in our mission to reimagine and revive the local economy through technology. These contributors are fueling our new vision as we grow the New Economy in the Syracuse community.

Sustained success that creates true prosperity and opportunity for all in our community will only come through extraordinary partnership and collaboration. The Syracuse Surge is a cohesive economic growth and revitalization strategy that has gained broad support in local government, the private sector and in the nonprofit community. There have already been numerous investments.

The city committed $38 million to turn Syracuse from the “Salt City” to the “Smart City.” Working in partnership with the New York Power Authority, the city is acquiring its 17,507 street lights, a move that will save up to $3 million a year in maintenance and energy costs and create the backbone for a citywide network of high tech sensors to dramatically improve services to residents.

Syracuse is also building out its own high capacity fiber optic data ring around the city which, when combined with the street light network, will enable Syracuse to be among the first communities in the nation to roll out ultrafast 5G wireless networks. Syracuse will be the New York Power Authority’s “Flagship Smart City,” positioning New York State as a global leader in Smart City technology.

With additional New York state support of $250 million over multiple years, the Syracuse community must generate an additional $250 million in private sector investment – jump-starting growth to surge Syracuse forward.

The Syracuse-based New York Center for Smart Cities will become a national and international destination for private sector and municipal leaders to learn about and launch their own technology networks, driving tech tourism and establishing New York State as a global leader in Smart Cities. Technology companies partnering with the city will co-locate at the New York Center for Smart Cities, and have the ability to test new technologies, opening up private-sector collaboration that will rapidly advance the development of a living, breathing, fully-connected city.

Syracuse is experiencing strategic alignment at an unprecedented level, so the impact of new state support for Syracuse will be magnified many times by other public and private investments that are being coordinated in a “master plan” for the future under the banner of the Syracuse Surge.

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By connecting people to high-tech jobs and opportunities, Syracuse is supporting a growing business economy in the tech space. Syracuse Surge is powering people to prosperity.