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We work with business owners to create a customized technology plan and provide subsidized services to help implement the plan.

Syracuse Surge is a plan to make the city a world leader in the New Economy. Why Syracuse?

Syracuse Surge is about the city’s resurgence as a leader in modern manufacturing. Situated within a day’s drive of 50 percent of the U.S. and Canadian populations, Syracuse is an ideal home for growing businesses that share our mission of breaking down false barriers to high-tech employment and bridging the digital divide. We’re growing a culture here, one that supports the creativity and ingenuity that has long described our community.

Syracuse is embarking on a once-in-a-generation opportunity to leap into the future as New York state’s flagship smart city. Syracuse Surge builds on a massive investment in technology infrastructure to drive new strategic investment that leads to economic growth, shared prosperity and neighborhood transformation.

Business, especially minority-, women-, veteran- and disabled-owned (XBE), is a big part of that. We work with business owners to create a customized technology plan and provide subsidized services to help implement the plan. Technology can mean items ranging from assistance setting up a business online (email, social media, etc.) to adoption of a point-of-sale system for managing inventory and tracking sales, including installing new hardware or software.

Syracuse has an industrious history that started with the Erie Canal, which helped this central city become a focal point of the New York state economy. From there, we joined the Second Industrial Revolution as a major manufacturing town. Companies like Carrier, Crouse-Hinds and General Electric helmed this era. It was during the Third Industrial Revolution of computers and automation that Syracuse began to miss out.

Traditional manufacturing declined from around 1990 to modern times, but the manpower and blue collar culture remains. That’s why Syracuse Surge is making the effort to re-train our workforce and guide a new trajectory that coincides with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We’re here to be a major player in the New Economy where tech and creative entrepreneurship rules.

The economy of tomorrow will be driven by a fusion of technologies that depend on connectivity – to one another, to jobs, to the internet, devices and data. This landscape, here in Syracuse, is constantly growing, evolving and changing.

We invite businesses big and small to be a part of our movement to push high-tech manufacturing forward in our city. Looking to move to our vibrant community or expand existing operations in Syracuse? Syracuse Surge can position you at the forefront of the New Economy with a talent pool of great depth and motivation.  

Syracuse will surge forward, bypass old divides and connect our people, our businesses and our region to the future. And you can be a part of it.

We’re building an innovative hotbed where current members of the business community and those looking to relocate can lay down roots or expand. The Center City Innovation Hub will act as an incubator for tech businesses. The Southside Campus for the New Economy will be a premier training center for those powering next-generation jobs in Syracuse and Central New York. Syracuse has been selected to host the New York Center for Smart Cities, a public/private center of excellence for the  development and implementation of smart city and Internet of Things (IoT) technology statewide.

Syracuse is the place that brings it all together. Looking for talent? Searching for opportunities to advance your current workforce? Syracuse Surge supports the training necessary to help you grow along with our community.

Through investment and planning, we can prepare our workforce and businesses to capture the prosperity of emerging technology. With the help of the Surge initiative and the public/private partnerships within it, Syracuse will become a vibrant hub of creative entrepreneurs and tech startups.

Syracuse Surge builds on millions of dollars in public and private investment already occurring in the city. With the active partnership with Onondaga County and multiple public and private sector partners, Syracuse will surge forward, bypass old divides and connect our people, our businesses and our region to the future. And you can be a part of it.

Next-Generation Business Incubation and Growth

We will invest in technology infrastructure and ensure ease of doing business to allow both new and established companies to rapidly and affordably grow.

Tech Tourism

We will leverage and invest in the convention, hotel and entertainment space needed to support Syracuse as a destination for those seeking to understand the potential of new technology.

Digital Inclusion

We will invest in equitable access to affordable broadband, internet-enabled devices, education, training and workforce development, to catalyze innovation from and for our community.

Southside Campus for New Economy

We will develop a technology-integrated campus, making a signature investment, with broad community engagement, which will provide educational opportunities, attract visitors and foster neighborhood-based entrepreneurship. The campus will combine a strong private sector employment base with policy, research, and development centers, fueling growth from new and established businesses.